Have you heard the latest about Gen Z Yellow?

26 March 2018

Gen Z Yellow what? Gen Z Yellow is a range of yellow tints. From the warm parakeet yellow to the soft butter yellow, many shades of yellow fall under the name Gen Z Yellow. It's not one specific type of yellow, but it is for certain that it is the colour of the year. Yellow tones for instance have swept the world of fashion, design and interior decór.

The name refers to Generation Z, the generation born between 1995 and 2010. This generation is extremely active on different social media such as Instagram. Because yellow catches the eye, many popular Instagrammers have started using this colour to stand out from the "grey masses." And that is how the Gen Z ball got on a roll. A lot of others have picked up on the yellow and put it in the spotlight - and rightly so.

That's all well and good, but what if you weren't born between 1995 and 2010? May you or can you use that colour? Of course you can! Don't be misled by the name and its origin. Anyone can use the colour freely, regardless of when they were born.

Gen Z Yellow is a very easy colour to combine. But that's just the fun part. It fits into everyone's interior, at any time of year. A fresh burst of yellow can project a whole lot of energy on a sunny day. And it can instantly brighten up a room on the more dreary days of the year. The colour projects optimism, ambition and vitality. You can put Gen Z Yellow accents in your interior by applying Rubio Monocoat Gen Z Yellow: RMC Hybrid Wood Protector Sunflower to your wooden picture frames, for instance. Or you could brighten up your wooden chairs with the new in-colour. Or go all-in with it and apply it to your front door - such a shining front door will automatically welcome everyone!

Become even more inspired by our Pinterest page with ways how you can integrate Gen Z Yellow into your interior.
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