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Parquet Floor - Southern Oaks Flooring

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Nashville, TN, USA


NWFA "Wood Floor of the Year" 2018 Finalist.

“For this floor, we wanted to maintain a natural color to allow the various tones and grain patterns in the wood come through. We also did not want to mute the pattern we created with a dark stain; having worked with Rubio Monocoat many times in the past, we knew the 5% white would perfectly highlight the grain and pattern. The matte finish keeps the floor looking modern and true to the midcentury style of the home.” - Southern Oaks Flooring

Species: Solid White Oak / Brass Border Inlay
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Color: White 5%
Product: Universal Maintenance Oil
Color: Pure
Contractor: Southern Oaks Flooring
Quinn Ballard
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